Interview with Cynthia King at Her Dance Studio for Farm Animal Celebration Event – Video Interview

by Sharon Nazarian - Big City Vegan on 10:29 pm

Cynthia King Dance Studio in Brooklyn hosted an event this past Sunday, the Children’s Celebration of Farm Animals.  It was a true collaboration as Cynthia King led the children in an interactive dance with live music by Michael Harren and, in between dances, Maya Gottfried read poems from her new children’s book Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary.

The stories Maya read tied in with the theme of the children’s dances as they creatively acted out their interpretation of the movement and spirit of farm animals.  To see the children dancing like rabbits, pigs, chickens and others too was really sweet in the context of the message of the day.  It was also ridiculously adorable.

At one point Cynthia asked the children about their pets and told them how the animals at Farm Sanctuary have names too.  Through experiences like these, the children can understand that just like the animals we affectionately call pets, our dogs and cats, farm animals have the same endearing qualities and characteristics.  They’re kind and loving just the same.  Through dance they expressed their affection for the animals.  With that they are learning that they can live more compassionately and choose to love farm animals instead of eat them.

At events like these Cynthia introduces the children and their families to good vegan food too. In fact non-vegan food is prohibited in her studio.  As sweet as Cynthia is she kindly enforces this rule so don’t mess with her!  LOL

The celebration closed with a small feast of vegan eats courtesy of the V-Spot, a fabulous vegan restaurant in Brooklyn. There were healthy veggie spring rolls with a yummy peanut dipping sauce, empanadas and unchicken nuggets.  Champs Bakery and Gone Pie Bakery provided some cholesterol and trans-fat free (as all vegan food is) sweets.

I had a chance to visit with Cynthia about her work with children, her passion for cruelty-free living, the event and her fabulous vegan ballet shoes – the only vegan ballet shoes in existence in the nation.  As a bonus, Michael Harren, another vegan in the arts, a musician who also teaches children, joined us to chat about the event.

It really is a wonderful experience for the children.  Cynthia is amazing with them.  Here’s the address:

Cynthia King Dance Studio
1256 Prospect Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Phone: (718) 437-0101

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