Cornelia Guest Encourages Compassionate Fashion Choices

by Sharon Nazarian - Big City Vegan on 2:52 pm

Cornelia Guest may have been born into a well-to-do high-profile family as the daughter of American fashion icon C.Z. Guest and polo champion Winston Frederick Churchill Guest, but she has made a name for herself in her own right.

As a vegan fashionista she’s an advocate for healthy, glamorous cruelty-free living.   She’s created several businesses with a mission to advance the cause of compassion for all.

Whether catering events through her Cornelia Guest Events and Cornelia Guest Cookies businesses, or creating gorgeous animal-friendly handbags and accessories, she is helping propel the cruelty-free vegan lifestyle forward in a most fabulous way.

On why she went vegan, “After my mother got sick I started reading how foods affect us and then got into the cruelty aspect and that was it!!”

Her latest initiative is partnering with PETA with their “I’d Rather GO NAKED Than Wear Fur” ad campaign.

I am so thankful to have been able to attend her birthday party November 16th where she donated all her old furs to PETA. Special thanks to vegan writer and reporter Nell Alk for kindly inviting me to the event and filming the interview!

Cornelia was rocking a stunning St. John faux fur collar.  It was made for her upon request, something she encourages others to do as well, to just ask.  We had a chance to visit with her at the event where she talked about that and her love for spirulina chips.

We celebrated her big day with some amazing vegan food from NYC vegan restaurant Blossom, complete with a birthday cake…vanilla buttercream frosting to live for!  So crazy delicious.

There’s no compromising fashion for compassion with Cornelia Guest‘s beautiful cruelty-free handbags.  Right now they are sold exclusively at Bloomingdales.

Also, if you want you can donate your fur coats to PETA.  They reconstruct them so they cannot be resold and give them to the homeless or animal shelters, providing much needed warmth to those in need.  It’s a beautiful way to convert the pain and suffering of the past into something good today.

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