VeganSun Artisan Cheese Shines Bright

by Sharon Nazarian - Big City Vegan on 4:58 am

20140619-220618.jpg Being vegan these days doesn’t mean compromise at all and having the convenience of products like VeganSun Cheese, a nut-based vegan cheese from Sunrawise, makes eating vegan easy, delicious and nutritious.

Vegan cheeses have come a long way. There’s a number of different kinds of vegan cheeses on the market. There are soy-based and tapioca-based cheeses, and others as well. I am a fan of raw nut-based cheeses like Sunrawise as they are not processed and have a short list of ingredients. Raw cashews, Himalayan salt, culture are the ingredients in the Original VeganSun Artisan cheese. Herbs and spices are added to create their other yummy flavors.

VeganSun Artisan non-dairy cheeses are 100% vegan, fermented, aged naturally, organic and hand-crafted. They come in a variety of flavors and I had the chance to sample 3 of them (Original, Italian Herbs, and Black Pepper) when the folks at SunRAWise sent me some samples.

The cheeses I tried were semi-hard but firm and mildly sharp. They are aged so they have a rind. You’ll need a sharp knife to slice them. A dull knife might cause the cheese to crumble, which isn’t a bad thing. Crumbled VeganSun is a nice addition to any salad. I especially enjoyed slicing and eating them with these flax crackers and grapes – makes for a great presentation at any party.

If you’re into raw foods, have a dairy allergy and/or are gluten-free, Vegan Sun Artisan cheese fits the bill. Also, oil-free and unprocessed foodies can indulge as well.

I have to say, I enjoyed them all but my favorite was the Black Pepper. I’m eager to try the other varieties as well. There’s Smoke & Spicy, Spiru-lean, Blue Vein and Rosemary.

You can purchase VeganSun Artisan Cheese at Sunrawise. You can also find recipes and other information there. For example, if your wondering what wines to pair your cheeses with, Sunrawise has some suggestions. Check them out…

Original or plain: Chardonnay – Savignon Blanc – Pinot Noir
Black Pepper: Cavernet Savignon – pinot noir – merlot – sparkling
Italian Herbs: chianti – Pinot Grigio – Chardonnay
Rosemary: Savignon Blanc – Cabernet – Riesling – Sangiovese – Zinfandel
Smoke & Spicy: Sauvignon Blanc – white Zinfandel
Spirulean and blue vein: Riesling – Port – Sangiovese

For more cheezspiration, check them out on Instagram as well at @Sunrawise.


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