Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret Movie Review

by Sharon Nazarian - Big City Vegan on 6:44 am

cowspiracy audience Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a groundbreaking, must-see feature-length documentary by Keegan Kuhn and Kip Andersen.  I had the opportunity to see it at the NYC premiere on August 21st.  The film is about the environment as told through a narrative by Kip Andersen.  We are invited to go along with Kip on his journey to find out what’s destroying our planet, what can be done, and the secret – that the answer is there, in plain daylight, yet it’s not being talked about.

His is a quest for the answers to the questions we all have.  He talks with the people that we’d want to talk to.  Thank you for doing the work Keegan & Kip and wrapping it up artistically in this captivating, entertaining and smart film.  Despite the heavy subject matter, the film has charm, whit and humor.  It’s as entertaining as it is informative and captivating.

The absolutely devastating environmental impact that large-scale factory farming has on our planet is the inconvenient truth, the secret, and it’s incredibly shocking, as the film reveals, that the leading environmental organizations are too afraid to even talk about it (if they even possess the knowledge of it at all).  

If we can all just wake up  to the sobering truth, we have the power to change the path we are on.  This is one of the most important films I’ve seen in a long time.  No doubt, this film will be a catalyst for change. (See below for official trailer)

NYC Premiere of Cowspiracy

NYC premieres of documentary films are always capped off with a Q & A with the filmmakers and the NYC premiere of Cowspiracy was no different. Kip Andersen took the stage to answer questions from impassioned audience members.

Here’s Kip Andersen during the Q & A (Photo credit: Splice Photography)

Kip Anderson Cowspiracy

Armed with more knowledge, I was inspired to do more.  Others were too.  The Q & A after, hosted by author and rock star John Joseph brought up questions about where can we go to get all the stats they shared throughout the film.  P.s. the answer is NOT Greenpeace.

The premiere was followed by an exclusive, intimate after-party at Suite ThreeOhSix, a vegan supper club in Tribeca.  Food and beverages included vegan donuts from Dun-Well Doughnuts, Dr. Cow vegan nut-based cheese, wines from The Vegan Vine, Pitanga juices, and popcorn from Pipsnacks.

Kip Andersen was there to visit and give thanks to everyone.   People gathered to take some red-carpet style pics with him.  I’m not shy so I stepped right up too, along with my friends Carmella and Carlos (aka The Food Duo and hosts of Vegan Food Chat), to take a pic with our new environmental hero, Kip Andersen.  

Here’s Carlos, me, Kip and Carmella (Photo credit: BCV)

Cowspiracy me Kip Carlos & Carmela

I wasn’t expecting the film to be over when it ended because I was in it all the way.  With a good movie, time stands still and that was my experience.

Have you seen the film?  What are your thoughts?  What did you take from it?

Learn more, stay connected, see the film…

You can organize or attend a screening.  It’s easy peasy, just check out this site, Tugg, for more information. 

Check out the Cowspiracy website here: Cowspiracy.  Find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @Cowspiracy.

 For more info, DVD and digital download pre-sale options, visit their website.

Look for Cowspiracy on Netflix and iTunes this fall.

Dun-Well Doughnuts, Pitanga Juice and vegan cookies at the after party.  Yum!

cowspiracy - dunwell

Celebrity rocker Tony Kanal, bassist for No Doubt, no doubt agrees with me and countless others.

cowspiracy tony's tweet

Official Trailer:



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