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Big City Vegan T-shirts, Tote Bags, Gifts and All Things Vegan

At Big City Vegan you'll find a great selection of vegan products an gifts including vegan t-shirts, tote bags, jewelry, iphone cases, pillows, decor and much more vegan-inspired merchandise. Sporting vegan message gear can be fun, just for you, or a way to promote a compassionate, plant-based lifestyle.

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Big City Vegan is your destination for cruelty-free shopping. From vegan t-shirts to fashionable shoes and handbags, our extensive collection of designer vegan shoes, fashion handbags, wallets and accessories includes vegan designers and brands such as Cri de Coeur, Matt & Nat, Obsessive Compulsive, olsenHaus, Big Buddha, Urban Expressions and more.

Keep up with all things vegan. On the blog you'll find useful information, yummy vegan recipes, cooking demo videos, news, event recaps, in-print, podcast and video interviews with with celebrities and vegan superstars.

Shop vegan products and gifts. Find easy vegan recipes. Watch interviews with vegan celebrities and you-outta-know vegan influencers in the community. Find cruelty-free vegan accessories and vegan t-shirts too.

What is vegan ~

A vegan is someone that does not eat or use animals or animal-derived products. This translates to all areas of life, from food to fashion as well as other consumer goods. There are different reasons why people choose to be vegan - health, compassion for animals, the environment, the more efficient use of our resources so we can save the earth and feed the world. There are so many reasons to move towards a plant-based lifestyle. Here at Big City Vegan, we aim to make being vegan fun, fashionable, fabulous and easy!

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